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Sonoma Ecology Center sustaining ecological health in Sonoma Valley

posted Mar 5, 2015, 4:42 PM by NBCAI North Bay Climate Adaptation Initiative
Sonoma Ecology Center has been working for 25 years to sustain ecological health in Sonoma Valley, and part of NBCAI's core since its beginning. SEC helps local government agencies and private landowners adapt their priorities and practices to the realities of climate change by translating climate science into actionable guidance. For example, SEC is part of a coalition to protect the 700 acres of natural areas of Sonoma Developmental Center, which form a critical wildlife linkage across the North Bay. Protecting these movement corridors is more important than ever as water gets more scarce and fire risk intensifies. SEC manages public jewels, such as Sugarloaf Ridge State Park and Nathanson Creek Preserve  using the best science and extensive partnerships to protect their habitats, water resources, and scenic values as the climate shifts. Learn more by joining an outing in Sonoma Valley, or exploring SEC's website.