Habitat Conservation and Stewardship

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The Habitat Conservation and Stewardship Working Group develops and implements strategies and outreach for habitat restoration and stewardship that promote biodiversity in a changing climate.

Working Goals

  1. Preserve, conserve and restore critical areas within Sonoma County that promote both the ability of species to adapt to changes in climate and the continued provision of ecosystem services vital to human beings.
  2. Maximize public awareness of the importance of climate change adaptation and the California Climate Adaptation Strategy by creating and delivering targeted outreach to three stakeholder communities –agricultural producers, local government, and private owners of large properties.


  • Collaborate with all NBCAI working groups:
    • To use existing information to identify habitat types, species, and ecosystem services most likely to be affected by climate change.
    • To develop spatially explicit plan for restoration and conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services (Phase II of Biodiversity Action Plan).
    • To prepare and deliver standard presentation to all Sonoma County City Councils and Board of Supervisors about the impacts of climate change on the County, its environment, and its people and provide ideas and resources on how adaptation is possible.
  • Work with local agencies, private landowners, and non-profit environmental organizations to preserve, conserve and/or restore top five actions identified in Final Biodiversity Action plan
  • Develop standard protocols for habitat restoration using existing methodologies and injecting new ideas that target adaptation to climate-induced change.
  • Implement one or more demonstration projects that blend proven and experimental restoration methods and the use of sustainable restoration materials.
  • Partner with SERCAL (Society of Ecological Restoration, California) and Society for Wetland Scientists to organize and host a workshop for local, regional, and state restoration professionals that focuses on restoration in a changing climate with emphasis on Sonoma County demonstration projects.
  • Partner with UC Extension and Resource Conservation Districts and other NBCAI working groups to prepare and deliver presentations on the likely effects of climate change on specific agricultural industries and the ways other agricultural producers are adapting. Likely venues include the Sonoma County Farm Bureau and Sonoma County Grape Growers Association.
  • Partner with UC Extension and Resource Conservation Districts and other NBCAI working groups to prepare and deliver presentations to private landowner groups on specific land management strategies that will enable species to adapt and ecosystem services to persist.