Public Policy

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With initial focus on Sonoma County, the Public Policy Working Group identifies and acts on opportunities to integrate climate adaptation into Sonoma County planning and policy processes from a regional perspective. We bring together the human and information resources needed for effective, integrated planning for Sonoma County’s natural resource systems.


  • Help local and regional governments create plans and policies that feature climate adaptation and climate response, by providing analysis, feedback, support, expert forums, and information
  • Offer educational outreach to the public
  • Identify and track relevant state and federal policies that affect local climate adaptation efforts

Working Goals

  • A climate plan for Sonoma County, adopted by county government, in which an informed adaptation strategy features as prominently as its mitigation strategy.
  • Climate adaptation is part of everyday practice for local and regional governments.
  • Sonoma County is known nationally and beyond as a leader in responding proactively and holistically to climate change.
  • A more informed citizenry empowered to make behavioral changes leading to a more sustainable, resilient community.