North Bay Climate Adaptation Initiative
The North Bay Climate Adaptation Initiative is a coalition of natural resource managers, policy makers, and scientists working together to create climate-resilient ecosystems and watersheds in the North Bay.

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A Roadmap for Climate Resilience in Sonoma County                  
Factsheet |  Full report
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Climate-Smart North Bay Fact Sheets
Climate Ready Sonoma County: Climate Hazards and Vulnerabilities 
Slideshow: Climate vulnerabilities and climate resilience strategies

Partner project: Climate Ready North Bay

Climate Ready North Bay provides managers and decision-makers with detailed, actionable data from locally relevant, down-scaled projections of climate, soil moisture, and hydrology.

Partner project: Sonoma County Climate Action 2020 and Beyond  

A climate plan for Sonoma County and all nine cities, Sonoma County Climate Action 2020 is a framework that builds on prior commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and helps our communities prepare for local climate hazards.


Sonoma County Adaptation Forum and Workshop

Almost 300 people participated in these events in 2015 to understand our climate vulnerabilities and prioritize strategies for climate resilience. View the pictorial summary here. Videos of speakers, event photos, and audio files are available at the Forum website. 

The NBCAI Partnership: