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Climate Ready Sonoma County: Climate Hazards and Vulnerabilities

posted May 2, 2016, 12:30 AM by NBCAI North Bay Climate Adaptation Initiative
See the Climate Hazards and Vulnerabilities Assessment here. 

The purpose of this climate vulnerability assessment is to provide an initial screening of the county’s community resources that are vulnerable to climate change hazards. It is not intended to be a comprehensive vulnerability analysis or to provide site-specific prescriptions for action. Instead, the intent is to provide a starting point for a countywide discussion on climate impacts and our vulnerabilities to climate change. We hope it serves as a guide for elected officials, planners, engineers, land managers, and others in assessing risk from climate hazards and identifying strategies to reduce risk. It was developed as part of a broader planning framework called Climate Action 2020 to identify and implement specific, high-priority strategies to respond to the climate crisis here in Sonoma County.